Classes and Groups – ongoing


“Creating Work You Love”

Would you like guidance, tools and practices for identifying, choosing and developing the unique creative expression—the “work”—that makes your heart sing? Whether it is in the arts, in business, technology, or any field of human endeavor, wouldn’t it be great to know that you can be, do, or have what you want? Consider witnessing the amazing transformation of the you that is dreaming it now.

“Conscious Living”

Have you been wanting more joy? Better relationships? New ways of sharing your life? More peace? More prosperity? Can you identify what it would take for you to experience your best-life-yet-to-be. Then for the highest good of all concerned, are you ready to deliberately, intentionally learn to embody the principles and practices that come together to manifest the life you want?

“Pay Attention, Be Amazed, Write About It”

Capture pivotal moments of your life, or write that book that is alive in you. Whether you want to create a short, or full-length manuscript for publication, leave a written legacy for loved ones, or simply to express yourself, learn the art, craft, and follow-through of writing creatively.